Май 152014


People of the united Europe! On May 9, the anniversary of the Great Russian Victory over European fascism, a new generation of Russian people appeals to you.

We address you in the face of the new Nazi genocide organized by your Government.

You’ve heard a lot about Ukraine and things happening there over the past six months. Almost everything that you’ve heard from the official sources is a lie.

Ukraine is a former part of historical Russia. Ukraine is a vulnerable point of Russia. Elites of the EU and the U.S. have organized a Nazi takeover in Ukraine. There are torchlight processions. Jews are running away from there. The Russian are being killed there.

Right now, on a Victory over Fascism Day, the Russians are being killed in Ukraine. They’re being murdered for being Russian.

The world is accustomed to the fact that the West does not hesitate to kill for profit. Examples are innumerable — Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq, Libya, Syria. We have always been against these wars of plunder. But today, the robbers came for Russia. And they had sent the Nazi murderers ahead of them.

These are not just hollow words. We want to show you, the people of Europe, what the Nazi henchmen of the EU and the U.S. have done with the Russian people.



On May 2, Odessa police, obeying to orders of Kiev «euro integrators», organized a provocation. The mysterious «men in black with red ribbons» from the employees of the junta police in the guise of «pro-Russian column», attacked the Ukrainian soccer fans with automatic weapons.

After that, the same people (without the red ribbons, but still with a weapon) were seen in the ranks of the Nazis attacking the House of Trade Unions.

As a result of the provocation, pro-Ukrainian terrorist organization «Pravy sector» have intercepted the control of the column of infuriated soccer fans. They attacked the peaceful camp of people collecting signatures «For the federalization of Ukraine» near Odessa House of Trade Unions.


See for yourself: the camp was several kilometers away from the collision and the participants were not involved.

The camp at the House of Trade Unions consisted of:

— Anti-fascist Odessa youth (mostly students)
— Women and retirees — the eternal social activists,
— and clerisy.

These harmless people were guarding the monument to Vladimir Lenin from attempts to topple it. They put a tent-chapel, a kitchen tent, a sunshade for collecting signatures. They were showing amateur performances to each other and standing with gouache posters on their quiet meetings.


That’s what brutal fascist creatures, scenting the impunity, have done to them: they forced them into building, blocked the entrances and exits… AND BURNED THEM ALIVE.

They were just executed. In the 21st century. In a civilized country. Burned at the stake.

Fans led by the Nazis forced Russian old men, women and a few battle-worthy students into the House of Trade Unions.

Then they besieged all the entrances and exits, and set the central ones ablaze.

Then some of the people in the building were beaten to death. Nazis attempted to burn the bodies to conceal the beating marks. Some victims were left to burn to death or suffocate. And those who have leapt out of the windows were finished off by the mob on the ground.

When the smoke dissipated, the attackers entered the building for the second time. Some went on finishing the survivors, others were scouring on the floors, counting «burned insects» and examining their pockets. Finding icons, student IDs of Odessa universities, Ukrainian passports and mobile phones — some were ringing. The Nazis took those phones and mockingly answered to the relatives of people they burned to death.

However, these monsters’ wit does not cease even today.
They are extremely scared and trying hard to hide their fear behind this ugly bravado. The same fear will inevitably drive them to new violence.

Fascism is back.

So come and see, European. The killers were supported by your Government.
Don’t you dare to look away:

Here they are still alive — Russian old men with red flags:


Here they are dying — women and older men (The crowd below is shouting «Burn, Russian!» and when they fall down, the mob will be applauding):


Here they are dead — a woman and her unborn child:



And here is how Mother and Child were assassinated: not by the flames, but by the human beings.


People inside the building were beating this pregnant woman for a long time and then strangled her, screaming, with the electric wire. Then they threw the body in a deliberately mocking pose, and happily hung out the flag of Ukraine out of the window: «moped up.» And other people shouted at them from a crowd below — responding to the woman’s feeble cries for help: «Knock her out, it is not a woman!» And just then there were people holding the fire trucks from putting the fire out.

There were as well a lot of people admiring the overkill. Thus, Yulia Tymoshenko expressed her personal gratitude to the maniacs who strangled the pregnant and burned alive the old. Remember that woman with a braid? Europe labeled her as «dissident», rescued her from a prison and provided treatment to her. Tymoshenko has already encouraged to burn tRussian before — with «nuclear weapons.»



On May 2, at the Odessa House of Trade Unions, the Nazis of junta and its faithful dog Yarosh, strangled the pregnant Odessa. They threw her body in a prominent place as a terrorist threat to all Russian still living in Ukraine.

This is done by those whom you, people of the European Union, officially support.

Everyday EU and US diplomats make statements of support for these murderers. In winter, they helped the junta to cover up an affair about snipers in Kiev, in spring they expect to help to hush up THE BURNING OF 40 INNOCENT RUSSIANS ALIVE.

Why is this necessary for junta?

Mother and Child were thrown as they were killed for a reason — to make photos. They want to create an atmosphere of terror and build the Western Ukrainians Nazi state with totalitarian oppression of the Russian minority (but there are more than 30% of Russians in Ukraine).

Now then, this is not going to happen. Russia will not tolerate Nazis close by. There will be a great war. And it’s going to be tough on everybody. And first of all — on ordinary Europeans.

Why the European Union should support the junta?

There’s absolutely no sense in this for the EU.
American game in Kiev is being played by European officials serving their «last day of grace» before the election. Either they are Intimidated or bought, these bureaucrats are working against the interests of the people of Europe.

Russians are like this: they care not only for «us» but for «them» as well. Remember who saved the world from Hitler and Napoleon? Knowing this touch of Russian nature, the U.S. and European officials are provoking Putin to respond to the Ukrainian fascists and bring troops into the territory of Ukraine.

This is the American plan to fight the debt crisis: to start a new «Cold War», if not the Third World War, and to write off all their flaws, population robbery and restriction of freedoms to the need of struggling with «evil Russian plans.»

Keep in mind: Russians have no evil plans. We have only recently recovered from the collapse of our great country. But we just can not look on how they choke our people to death and burn them alive.

Why is this necessary for the USA?

As a result of retaliatory sanctions, Russia with its resources available to Europe, will be isolated. European Union will have to cross over to the shale gas from America.

The U.S. shale gas is almost double the price of gas from Russia. As a result of this jugglery, every ordinary European will have to pay the «shale toll» to the American banker and oilman for many years.

Moreover, without cheap Russian gas the industry of Europe will become much less profitable. This will allow the U.S. to finally destroy the economy of the European Union and economically enslave some of the countries.

We could stop here.

But we, Russians, are preparing for war, and we have to tell everything to the end.

Fascism is back. We are not blind. We saw its mug. We definitely recognized it. That’s it. This is fascism, Nazism, the horror when monsters burn people alive.

Politicians who sent killers to Odessa:


not only expressed gratitude for barbarism. They conduct a full-scale war in the east of Ukraine, near the revolting Sloviansk city. They use artillery and tanks, helicopters perform missile strikes.

Western media are silent about Odessa — for them there «was a fire» and nothing more.
Western media are silent about the East of Ukraine — missile attacks of town outskirts are called an «anti-terrorist operation.»
Western media pretend that people’s lives worth nothing in front of the priceless «conquest of democracy» — the right to elect the President for Ukraine among the murderers and rich swindlers subservient to the U.S. And to make it quick. Even before the coals of Odessa bonfire cool down.

Maybe this trick works with you, the people of Europe. But not with Russians.

We thoroughly collected all the evidence on the crime in Odessa: video, the murderers’ boasting in social networks, shocking pictures. There’s no doubt: «Russian camp» in Odessa was destroyed deliberately and violently to scare Russian throughout Ukraine before the «democratic elections.»


That’s what we have to say, the people of the European Union. Perhaps for your cultures and nations human blood, pain and death mean nothing. But it’s not the case for the Russians. Helpless old men and women are burned alive on the Ukraine only for that they are Russian!

We won’t tolerate this. Tolerating this kind of things is unthinkable. This is too much. We will not understand our own government if it shows a white feather in such a moment.

When fascist torches are blazing, lighting is very changing. There are only shades of Light and Darkness. The visibility is poor and it’s so easy to get things wrong.

Now there’s only one thing can stop the inevitable. 
And thank God, this is feasible.

Tribunal over the fascism returning to Europe. 
The real international Nuremberg Tribunal. 

There is enough evidence collected. There are address of the specific killers. There are information on their paymasters. The case can be unriddled. To force the junta to answer for their cannibals. To make America and European officials answer for their junta.

The alternatives to Tribunal are spine-chilling.

Either we achieve Justice or Russia will have to bring troops into Ukraine. 
This will bring all the charm of «Russian Vietnam» by Brzezinski. 
But we, the Russian people, will go for it for the sake of Justice.
To live peacefully, leaving such things unpunished, is unthinkable.

What does it mean to you, the people of Europe?

Historical experience shows that the war of such scale and type can not be kept within the boundaries of the countries involved. It is spreading.

Last time when the «united Europe» in the face of the Nazi invaders attacked our country, Russian people composed a song of Victory. This song is about Victory bought for incredible, exorbitant price.

There are words in this song: «The planet is burning and spinning. There’s a smoke over our Motherland. That means we only need a Victory. One Victory for all — we pay the price».

We will pay the price. If war is inevitable, there will be war. Do we want to fight? No, we do not! Russian people know the value of their victories way too well. We don’t want to pay this price over and over again. And we don’t understand why do you need this, the people of free Europe?

That’s why we have to solve the matter peacefully.

That’s why we, the people of Russia, on holy Victory Day — May 9, claim to be heard.

People of Europe! Demand from your Governments to refuse from the American scenario in Ukraine! Require the Tribunal for Nazi murderers in Odessa! Demand the termination of slaughter in the midst of modern Europe from junta!

Without EU flag behind them, the Nazis in Kiev will not be able to retain power. Hundreds and thousands of lives will not be burned in fires.

The world must know the truth about Odessa and Ukraine.

About the fact that politicians of the West while trying to justify their own crisis, set the new fascism at the Russian people. That we can no longer stand apart from such an atrocity happening to the people made of flesh and blood. That this can lead to war. That this war will not just be limited to Ukraine. That things developing by this scenario could turn out to be the biggest meat grinder in whole history. And only a few will survive after that.

People of the West! By stopping the conveyor of lies and disrupting American special operation we can stop the Apocalypse. The Apocalypse in which both you and us have already been appointed to be victims.

You, who is reading these lines — only you can save the mankind!

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